About us


Born in 1978 in Avignon, I was introduced to home cooking at a very young age, thanks to my mother who made my baby food. Later, as a teenager, I would enjoy the homemade dishes of my mother and my grandmother at holiday celebrations and Sunday family meals; pistou soup, blanquette de veau, couscous, leg of lamb, gratin dauphinois, scallops gratin, homemade yoghurt, rice pudding, Norwegian omelette etc…
My uncle and aunt worked at the CASSAGNE inn in Le Pontet at the time, and inspired by their story, a career in the restaurant and luxury hotel business became an obvious choice.

But it’s only in 2006, after earning a degree in psychology in Aix en Provence, that I enrolled in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BTS), at the Hotel School of Avignon.

I graduated in 2008, after completing internships in Michelin-star establishments and luxury hotels, including The Moulin de Mougins by Alain Lorca, the Hotel Les Trésoms, lake and SPA Resort in Annecy, The Hotel Excelsior Splendide at Lake Como in Italy, and The Domaine de Bournissac in Paluds de Noves. My first job as a commis de cuisine was for the Danone group, at the Hotel Royal in Evian.

After a summer season, I returned to Annecy for a year, and worked at the Hotel Les Trésoms. There I worked under the management of the starred chef Laurent Azoulay, assistant chef Boris Neples, chef at the French Embassy in Prague, and the 2008 French dessert champion Nicolas Bichon. This time I spent was no longer as a trainee, but a commis de cuisine.
I spent many years in Annecy, working and holding different positions for a number of establishments, including chef de cuisine at the Appart du 17.

In 2013, I left the Annecy region to return to the South of France; UZES for 3 years, then direction CORSICA, in Porto Pollo, in the Gulf of Valinco.
There I met Virginie and we stayed for 3 magical years.
I continued, learned, trained and passed my vocational training certificate (CAP) in pastry as an independent candidate in Ajaccio.
In 2019, we decided to make our dreams come true. We were married in Morières les Avignon in October 2019, in December we signed the sales agreement for our restaurant, and in January 2020 we moved to Bonnieux.
In February 2020, I continued to train, and it is with CECILE FARKAS in Nîmes, an international pastry chef, that I perfected my pastry skills.
In March 2020, the opening of the restaurant was cancelled because of the health crisis and confinement.

I decided to go and work for the association Bienvenue à la ferme, making baskets of fruit and vegetables for home delivery. There I met local producers and farmers, with whom I am still currently working.
Notably David Aurand, a pig breeder from the Ventoux region and Marie and François from the Canta Cabra farm in Goult. In May 2020, we opened with take-out sales, then followed with the summer season. Then we adapted to the curfew with the Kosy afterwork, and finally ended the year 2020 with again take-out sales, due to reconfinement.

Sonia Bori Laborde

Culinary universe

It was at culinary school that I learned the traditional basics of cooking. The different chefs I worked with taught me techniques and recipes.
The different people I met, and the different places I lived, have greatly influenced me in my current culinary universe.
In addition, my inherent taste for sweet and savory, my boldness which is found in the fusion of land and sea, my strength of character and my passion to learn and create, can all be found in signature dishes and unique pastries.
Likewise, my cuisine follows the seasons and is composed of 90% local and French products.

On the menu, you will find local influences including Ventoux pork, goat cheeses of Canta Cabra, and soft smoked artisanal tofu from Raul Montero from Goult. Influences from Savoie include Arctic Char, Féra of the Lake Leman, and a risotto prepared in the style of tartiflette. Corsican influences are found in the famous Fiadone cheese and eggplants à la bonifacienne.

You will also find an array of Asian influences on the menu; the seafood cassolette made with coconut milk and yellow curry, as well as the signature Kosybowls featuring cashew nuts, sesame, bean sprouts, Chinese noodles and stir fried vegetables.

Enjoy the delicious combination of sirloin steak, served with prawns, scallops and chorizo.

Savour our diversified, flexitarian specialities, and discover the great variety of our dishes.
Let yourself be carried away on a culinary journey, full of creativity.

Enjoy the chimichurri beef picanha, and other Corsican specialties; charcuterie, wines, and sheep milk cheeses. Discover Virginie’s terroir, with the Charolais lamb from Philippe Laborde at the Bergerie de La Saugerie, and the great wines of Burgundy. And celebrate the local offerings on the menu which pay tribute to Provence.


Born in 1984 in Saône et Loire, in CHALON SUR SAONE, I grew up in the countryside, in St jean de Vaux near Mercurey.
Daughter of a farmer, granddaughter of a winemaker, I always had a lot of admiration for my elders who were passionate people!
I liked life in the countryside, but learning about business brought me to the city very quickly.

At the age of 18, I took flight for my destiny: COMMERCE.
I owe a lot to my two apprenticeship masters: Juliette, at JACADI, where I passed my vocational training certificate (CAP/BEP) in sales in 2 years, obtained with honors, and Maryse, at MATY, where I passed my vocational baccalaureate (BAC PRO COMMERCE), also obtained with honors. After twelve years of working in jewelry I wanted to explore a new direction, and spent time in the field as a sales representative at WURTH, for three years.

In 2014, back problems forced me to stop my commercial activity. I spent my time recovering in Corsica and finally decided to stay and settle there. It was there that I met Sonia and we spent three magical years on the Île de Beauté. Throughout my time working in Commerce, I expanded my knowledge and obtained a certificate BTS MUG.

The restaurant business is an area that I have known well for many years. My sister and close friends had their own restaurant, where I spent ample time.
But I never thought I would have my own restaurant one day. What joy and pride to accompany Sonia in this dream which was hers at the beginning, but very quickly became OUR dream. Moreover in this magnificent place that is the LUBERON.
Our establishment is built on hospitality, and I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to welcome, advise, and serve our clients, new and returning, every day.

Virginie Bovi Laborde