Chef at home

The chef proposes to create a personalized menu for private receptions, birthday meals, aperitifs, family meals, dinners for two, baptisms etc
Le Kosy also offers an at home chef service that allows you to enjoy your guests and the moment.
From the shopping list, to the preparation, to the cleaning of the kitchen, free your mind, and have only one concern:

Cooking classes

You’ve seen this dish on TV, you’ve always dreamed of knowing how to cook a risotto, you want to impress your friends, your significant other for a magical moment?
But you don’t know how to proceed, where to find the ingredients, how to make it? You’re panicking?
Don’t worry anymore, chef Sonia can teach you the recipe(s) of your dreams.
She will coach you, accompany you throughout the preparation, guide you step by step through tips and clear and simple explanations.

If you have any questions, call us at 04 90 75 60 83 or 07 87 31 13 46

Form to book my home chef or cooking class